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We Have Always Been at War With Eastasia

Rewriting history when doing an svn to git migration is always fun. Especially when you start rewriting the entire contents of files.

Take this ditty for instance:

git filter-branch -f —tree-filter ‘for j in $(for i in $(find . -name *.pp | grep -v vendor | grep -v tmp); do cat $i |perl -ne”/(\s+)\S/&&\$e{length(\$1)}++;END {exit 0 if \$e{2}; exit 2}“|| echo $i; done); do cat $j | perl -ne”/^(\s+)/;\$s=length(\$1)/2;\$s=\“ "x\$s;s/^\s+/\$s/;print”>“$j.new” && mv “$j.new” $j; done;find . -name *.pp | grep -v vendor | grep -v tmp | xargs puppet-lint —fix >/dev/null ||true’ HEAD

This switches my puppet codebase to the canonical 2 space (rather than 4 space) tabs and fixes lint/quoting issues – all the way back through history.

I, for one, welcome our newold code layout overlords.